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Diet & Training Services

Tired of listening to people who have been in shape their whole lives? Just because someone is fit and gets a sports medicine degree doesn't mean they know how to sustainably lose fat and keep it off. I've been fat my whole life and have tried every single diet and training fad available. Finally I found what works and has worked for people I've helped. 

Michael LaFisca before and after collage

Fat to fit

Get diet and training advice from someone who has lived the struggle. Ive tried every diet from the hollywood juice diet to keto. Now I can finally show others what worked for me and what can easily work for you. No gimmicks or secrets.

Results based

Are you sick of people quoting studies they found "online"? Everyone is a google expert nowadays. Eat 6lbs of blueberries a day and lose 30lbs. Blah blah blah. Get results without the bull.

train for a real body not some fake instagram photoshop body

the fitness community is so out of touch with what is attainable for normal people and can be maintained. I don't train to get "super shredded bro". we will get the best body for you. you'll look great naked but will also be able to live an actual real life. not everyone wants to surround their entire life around a diet and the gym.


I believe in a balanced approach with maximum fat loss. Cutting out entire food and food groups is not sustainable and can hurt you in the long run. My plans are easy to stick to because they don't put anything off limits.

eat what you love

We will have our first meeting online, phone, or email. One of the first things I do is ask you what your favorite foods are and what you don't like. then i build a plan based around what you like. Not a cookie cutter "chicken and rice" diet. That doesn't work.

everything is included

ill tell you the price. and that's it. No hidden fees. no surprises. no extra charge for phone calls or texts or facetime fees. You will know everything up front before it happens. I don't take more clients than I can handle at one time. so you can be sure you will get 100% from me.

What My Clients Say

Will before and after.jpg

William Neil, Oilfield

Less than 70 days til the wedding! Thanks is for being my biggest support Marissa! Also thanks to Michael for the jump start and getting me on the right track. With his instructions and help I’ve learned to love the gym and pay attention to what I’m putting in my body

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