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Did you ever see someone throw a huge pile of pre workout in their mouth and then slug it down with some water? Its called dry scooping and for those who dont know. Its a gimmick to get views on instagram.  Now normal people have become accustomed to throwing back massive piles of pointless powder in order to get psyched for their workout. But heres the catch. Most if not all of the ingredients in that pile of powder are useless and best. Dangerous at worst.


If you use whey protein on a regular basis, you know what a pain it is to constantly use shaker bottles. Its just part of the game though for those of us who want to get extra protein in our diet quicker. Why should you need more shaker bottles just to take a pre workout? Not to mention most of the flavors completely suck and your forced to choke down some crappy kool aid.


Listen its 2022. We have a smarter way of doing this now. R2 Bear Arms LTD has developed the best pre workout and its in capsule form. Think you've died and gone to heaven? Relax dude its just pre workout. But yes it is pretty damn amazing.


You'll get fast, medium, and slow releasing energy from caffeine and the two patented ingredients Dynamine™ and TeaCrine®. No crash whatsover because the energy is tapered down. Not only that youll get amazing stamina and massive pumps. All in a few capsules. Just throw the bottle in your gym bag. It's so much easier than taking a shaker cup everywhere or dry scooping powder.


Yes it has a Blue cap with red and white capsules. Yes its on purpose for 'Merica. Sorry not sorry.



Pre Workout

$70.00 Regular Price
$50.00Sale Price
Price Options
One-time purchase
Pre Workout Bottle
1 Bottle per month
$45.00every month until canceled

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