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"Who told you that?" 4 words that will change your life.

Updated: Jun 22

I saw a TikTok the other day. And it was one of the best, dare I say, even life changing short videos I had ever watched. And it goes hand in hand with R2 Bear Arms LTD's philosophy. So I wanted to create a post about this amazing video and spread it's wisdom to everyone I can.

The video was a young man probably 25-30 and his eyes were slightly red. Like he had calmed himself down before making the video. He began to explain how he had a new baby at home. He and his wife's first child. The baby had colic and had been crying constantly for weeks.

Needless to say this had him and his wife at their breaking point.

He explained how they had a massive blowout fight the night before and he left for work without either of them trying to speak to one another. He explained how this was the worst fight they had ever had.

Up until this point I was wondering what this video was about and why his eyes were red. I mean I guessed he was just tired or upset from the fight. None of this seemed extraordinary to me. I have 4 children so I am not surprised he and his wife had a fight after multiple sleepless nights. Its par for the course.

He went on to explain that he had opened up to a coworker about his trouble at home. Pretty normal behavior. We all have done this at one point or another. But what he said next is what blew my mind.

After he explained the situation to the coworker he felt better and said. "When I get home I'll talk to my wife, hug her, and tell her everything is gonna be ok. That we are just fighting because we are tired etc."

The coworker responded with: "Who told you that?"

The young man looked at his coworker confused? "Told me what?" the young man said.

The coworker's response: "That you're gonna make it home"

Holy shit. Mic drop

The young man in the video immediately broke down in tears after telling this part of the story and explained how he called his wife immediately to make things right. To let her know that he loved her and that they were gonna be just fine. They just needed sleep etc.

The wisdom in this story can be applied to every single aspect of your life.

"I'm gonna start my diet tomorrow"

"I'm gonna start my business tomorrow"

"I'll ask her out the next time I see her"

"I'll play with my kids when I get done with XYZ"

Who. Told. You. That.

Until next time, Live with GRIT


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