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Thanosialism. learn to love Death. Transform ordinary life into Extraordinary

Updated: Jun 23

This article is meant to empower by looking at life differently. If you've never been presented ideas like this one, it may be a little unsettling at first. Good.

You need to rattle your mind. If you want to live differently it makes sense that you would think differently.

Death is the only certainty we have in life. It's purpose is to put a time limit on something so many people wish was limitless.

The fact that our time with this life is so limited is what makes it so precious.

Most people are afraid of death. So afraid in fact, the act of even talking or reading about it is impossible. Ignoring something doesn't change it or make it go away. So if this is you, I urge you to start thinking a bit more critically.

Now let's be very clear here. I am talking about death. Not the act of dying. Even I'm a bit scared of the actual act. No one knows how it will actually happen, and it's not particularly important to this article. The fact that it will happen for 100% certainty is the point. And here comes the part that may be unsettling for you.

The fact that it happens is a good thing.

Imagine if you were immortal. You could never die. Not just you, no one could. This would be a nightmare that would last forever.

Anything that has an endless supply is worthless. How valuable would gold be if it was as common as grains of sand? How valuable would diamonds or food or sex or anything be if everyone had an unlimited supply of it?

Have you ever sat with a loved one who was in their last days of life? How valuable was that time you got to spend with them before they passed? Most people barely value that time before it's to late. The most common thing I've heard after a funeral or viewing, "I wish we had more time together". How valuable would that time be if it could be bought? Just 5 more minutes would be priceless.

Start thinking about your mortality. Daily. It's coming for you. What are you going to do with this borrowed time? You are dying as we speak, it's just how long will it last.

Brad Lea always asks the crowd during his seminars. "Would you accept a million dollars right now? The only stipulation is you can never wake up again." Everyone in the room says no.

He then asks " Would you accept a Billion dollars right now, but you could never wake up again". The answer from everyone is once again a resounding no.

What he says next is amazing: "So what your saying is, you getting to wake up in the morning is worth more than a billion dollars. Then why don't you fucking feel like that every damn day you wake up. Why aren't you enthusiastic when your fucking eyes open"

What I'm asking you to do here isn't to just "value the life you are given". I want you to literally value death, as much, if not more than life. It really is that important. By reframing death as an amazing gift, instead of an unspeakable evil. You throw the way you approach life on it's head. It's an exercise in mental gymnastics. A Jedi mind trick. Except it's real and more powerful.

“Stop whatever you’re doing for a moment and ask yourself: Am I afraid of death because I won’t be able to do this anymore?” —Marcus Aurelius

This powerful quote from Marcus Aurelius makes you think about how you are spending your time. Think about what you are doing this very second. Are you afraid of death because you wouldn't be able to [Watch tv, scroll facebook, Jerk off, be fat, work a job you hate] or should you be spending your valuable life doing something far more important.

“I cannot escape death, but at least I can escape the fear of it.” —Epictetus

Epictetus understood that death comes for everyone. No one is immune. But by escaping the fear of it you can start living life without anxiety and accomplishing the goals you set for yourself.

“It is not death that a man should fear, but rather he should fear never beginning to live.” —Marcus Aurelius

Another powerful quote from Marcus Aurelius. You should be terrified of not starting your purpose, not death. Death is unavoidable. But living a life worth living is totally within your power.

"This is our big mistake, to think we look forward to death; most of death is already gone, whatever time has passed is owned by death” — Seneca

Seneca's' words are extremely powerful in this quote. Death is not something in the distant future. It is happening right now, literally as we speak. Every second that ticks by is owned by death. Why are are you continuing to waste it?

Enter Thanosialism (Thanos-Shah-Lism). A term created by Michael LaFisca. Creator and CEO of R2 Bear Arms LTD

Thanosialism: A philosophy created by combining 2 words. Thanos and Existentialism.

Thanos being arguably the most powerful being ever to exist in any fictional universe ever created. But what particularly made me want to combine Thanos with its counterpart word was his relationship with death. I want to give credit to Mister Masque (Quora contributor) for writing the following excerpt about Thanos and his relationship with death itself. He put it perfectly.

"One of the most important traits from Thanos' mindset is that the experiences he's had in his life have led him to believe in the idea of Nihilism, which to summarize, is the philosophical idea that life has no intrinsic value.

But funnily enough, the other defining characteristic of Thanos' mindset is that he absolutely hates the idea of nihilism. He is a very self-centered, even romantic kind of individual, so his mind can't really cope with the idea of pointlessness. His life, his tasks and his thoughts must have a value. And his journey is about finding such value.

This ties to another important aspect of Thanos that must be emphasized beforehand: Thanos is a lover of ideas. He seems to love the idea of death itself more than he loves Death herself, and the idea of power far more than its acquisition.

The journey to the goal is more important than the goal itself, because the journey presents him a clear path to follow and something to achieve, but the completion of said objective takes all of it away. This is why when he gets what he wants, he always feels empty and often even sabotages himself."

To be cliché. It's not about the destination, its about the journey. The point of the game is to keep playing the game.


Existentialism is a philosophical movement that first emerged during the mid-20th century, in the wake of World War II. The existentialists argued that our purpose and meaning in life came not from external forces such as God, government or teachers, but instead is entirely determined by ourselves.


Existentialism emphasizes the importance of unrestricted freedom for individuals to make their own choices. These choices, due to the freedom that individuals have, allow them to: create goals. make something out of yourself.


In short, existentialism means. No one is coming to save you.

Everything you want is in your hands. Your health, the way you look, your financial situation, your relationships. Every single thing is in your control. And by taking this control over yourself and the outcome of your life, you become unstoppable.

Combining Thanos and Existentialism creates the perfect word to represent a philosophy to achieve anything. You make use of every breath you take by valuing death as much as Thanos and you also realize your destiny is your own.

Until next time, Live with GRIT


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