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How to gain more respect immediately

Updated: Jun 22

What I am about to post here is the life hack of all life hacks. If you do this one thing, your life will improve tremendously. Are you ready for this secret? Lean in close because what I'm about to tell you is big. Stop posting dumb shit like this on your social media.

Heath Ledger is rolling in his grave thinking about all the stupid memes people are posting of him as the joker. Jason Mamoa, The Main Guy from Peeky Blinders, and a bunch of others are caught in a nightmare. Their images are paired with words that the poster think are going to make them look "Deep" or Intelligent. Newsflash. It makes your look cringe, weak, and desperate. This is what I like to call "Passive aggressive moron porn". I know it seems like I am being harsh. But lets look at some of these pictures.

Let's look at some reasons why a person would post this. 1. They are a teenage girl and they don't know any better 2. They are a guy who talked to a girl from tinder through text for 2 days and now she has stopped responding or said no to a date.

3. They really want/think a post like this will cause the person they are targeting to contact them

4. They have no social skills and truly think this will cause others reading it to think they are smart/deep/cool/feel bad for them

Lets look at a few more

If you think posting these will make the target of them see you in a better light, you are wrong. Plain and simple. (And there is always a target. An ex, family member, spouse, friend etc) The only thing the person reading this feels for you is embarrassment or a reinforcing of their decision to do whatever they did to you. Whether it was break up with you, stop talking to you, or whatever perceived slight they may have done to you.

Stop looking for sympathy. Once you realize you are solely responsible for everything in your life, things will improve dramatically. And make no mistake, that's what these pictures are. An attempt to push blame on others instead of looking inward. People who mean what they do/say don't passively aggressively tell it to others in meme format. They take action. They don't announce "Hey! I'm not talking to you anymore" and then stick their tongue out like a baby. People who are actually, for lack of a better word, "tough" don't post memes about "Seeing red" or "blacking out from anger". Weak people do this. And the sad part is, you know it. Deep down you know all of this is true. Just admit it and start the process of bettering yourself. On the flipside. Actual quotes posted , as Patrice O'Neal used to say, "righteously"; Can be used to actually inspire others. Ask any lawyer. "You have the right to remain silent" is the single biggest thing you can do to help yourself. Start applying this to other areas of your life.

As always, Live with GRIT


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