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How I eat whatever I want and still reach my goals. Lose fat, Build Muscle, Maintain. No Bullshit

Updated: Jun 22

Why should you listen to me?

That's a very legitimate question and it's actually pretty easy to answer.

I've been a fat ass until my mid to late 20's. And over the years I have tried every single thing you could possibly do to lose weight. And now I can manipulate my body any way I want. Not with luck but a repeatable easy to follow blueprint.

Now this article is strictly about dieting. I have several other articles about the motivation, the inability to get girls, the workouts, the mental shifts etc... but stick with me here because I'm going to show you the exact method I used and still use today to manipulate my weight to whatever I want it to be.

I also want to be extremely transparent. I am not natural. Nor do I ever want to be ever again. I am not advocating the use of any illegal substances. I am simply showing you what I've done and trying to be as real as I can be. So I will say this. Starting the use of Testosterone has been one of, if not the best thing I have ever done in my entire life. I've used it at TRT doses and blasted it up to 1.5 grams per week and everything in between over the years. And while this way of dieting works 100% of the time, testosterone and steroids in general simply make it easier. Anyone who says differently is full of shit.

Now lets get to the diet. Here is some more proof that I've done this before. Several times in fact. I've yo-yo'd a few times over the past few years and I always use this method to get right back to where I want to be.

Me from 23 years ago. I would have been 14. I had friends etc but I was extremely unhappy with my body. I remember my mom sold Avon and I used to try and use the protein bars and shakes to lose weight. I had no clue what I was doing. I remember a specific time I was riding with a friend and his parents stopped at McDonald's for breakfast. I turned down the Mcdonald's (It was hard as hell, Micky Ds breakfast is delicious). When I got home I choked down an Avon protein bar. I remember crying halfway through the bar thinking "Im never going to be able to do this".

It got so bad at one point I would lick the Dorito flavoring off of the chips and spit it into the garbage. This was so I could "Taste the chips" without actually eating them. I was blazing diet hack trails in my teens. Surprise, it didn't work.

By the time I was 20 I was trying binging and purging aka Bulimia. Here is a pic of me during that short period of my life:

Since then I have tried everything from the Hollywood juice diet to keto and everything in between. Some key points I have found:

1. Meal timing has no bearing on weight loss as far as actual calories in calories out. You can eat one meal a day or 10. It will have zero effect as long as your net calories are correct. However. As far as health and longevity are concerned. I have found merits in intermittent fasting and 48 hour fasting once a month. This doesn't mean you will find benefit to them. I'm simply stating my personal experience. I "Feel" better eating less meals and fasting every so often. My skin also seems to be more clear if I eat this way.

2. Protein intake and daily calories are the only things that truly matter as far as results. If you set these two variables where they need to be, you cannot fail. I explain this in detail below.

3. Carbs vs fat for fuel is extremely individual. Some people do well low carb, some high carb, and some with equal parts. Experiment until you find what makes you feel the best. Again, actual results will be the same no matter what you choose.

4. People, myself included, GROSSLY underestimate the amount of calories we eat. Heir on the side of the meals containing more calories than you think. For example, 9 times out of 10 if you think your meal contains 400 calories its probably more like 500. A bowl of cereal can easily be upwards of 500-600 calories depending on bowl size and milk. Measure your food.

5. Dieting and fitness in general aren't sexy. There is no secret. You just have to do the work. Everyone wants the secret or the trendy new diet. It's boring as hell once you see through all the bullshit.

6. Almost all fitness influencers stay at a 12-15% bodyfat and then basically go on a crash diet with extremely high amounts of protein, low calories, and steroids. They do this for pictures, beach trips, or appearances/expos. See it for what it is. It still takes a lot of work to get sub 10% bodyfat. Being shredded constantly is miserable if you're not genetically built for it.

7. Looking healthy and being healthy are not the same thing. Bodybuilders for the most part are not healthy. Fitness influencers are healthier but don't let abs and a round ass fool you into thinking that's what health is. Being fat isn't healthy either. Thinner and lighter are generally better. Our bodies don't like carrying around extra weight. I choose to shorten my life by being more bodybuilding oriented. I choose my version of fulfillment now, and I can die knowing I made these decisions 100% informed of the consequences.

The funny thing about losing weight and looking better is this. You're never happy. You start the journey thinking there is a finish line. And I'm here to tell you there isn't. Even when I feel like I looked the best, It wasn't good enough. And that's ok. Living for "happiness" is fleeting. I know that my results with my body had benefits beyond the basics of "Happy". The way people treat you is night and day. Women, men, hell even kids treat you differently when you're jacked. The benefits are substantial. I wrote them in another article here.

But again this is about diet. I just want to lay a foundation for context, entertainment, and general knowledge.

The Diet is super easy to understand. That doesn't mean its easy to stick to. You have to have your "reasons". Fuck motivation. There is a difference between reasons and motivation. I also wrote about that here. ( If you cant click it isn't published yet)

Step 1: You have to pick a goal

Lose Weight


Gain Weight/Muscle

Then you have to attach a number to that goal. The numbers are as follows:

Lose Weight:

Extreme Weight loss (7-9)

Fast Weight Loss (10-12)

Moderate Weight Loss (13-14)

Maintain (15)

Gain Muscle (16-18)

I hope it's self explanatory but the lower the number the faster the weight loss and vice versa.

Step 2: Multiply your bodyweight by the number next to your goal. (7-18)

This is the total calories you will be eating per day to reach your goal.

Example: 200lb guy. Who wants fast weight loss.

200x10=2000 Calories for the day.


Step 3: Bodyweight - 35 (Subtract 35 from your bodyweight)

This is your target amount of protein per day. This is the number I have found works for 99% of people. If you are a bodybuilder or take a substantial amount of gear your protein will be much higher. In which case you most likely have your own plan already for your goals. I now personally consume my bodyweight in grams of protein.

Example: Same 200lb guy

200-35=165 grams of protein per day.


Step 4: Take the number from step 3 and divide it by 6.25

Pick a lean protein source. Chicken, Beef, Fish, Lamb, Bison, Shrimp. Whatever. Eat the number from step 4 in ounces for the day. 1lb of lean meat is roughly 100 grams of protein.

Example: Same 200lb guy

165/6.25=26.4 ounces of pre cooked lean protein per day. or 1.65lbs


Step 5: Multiply your grams of protein per day (Number from step 3) x 5.

This is your calories per day from protein you are eating. Protein is only 4 calories per gram but I make it 5 because even lean protein has fat. 5 makes the calculation more accurate.

Example: Same 200lb guy

165x5=825 Calories from protein for the day


Step 6: Subtract your protein calories from your daily allowance. (Step 2 - Step 5)

Example: Same 200lb guy


Step 7: Eat the remaining calories for the day from step 6. You can literally eat anything you want cookies, chips, salad, pizza, tofu, wings, steak, whatever! As long as it stays within the remaining calories its impossible not to hit your goals. Physics proves it.

I include a pocket guide or mini book with every order of pre workout because I want you to reach your goals. I want to do everything in my power to help you succeed. Follow the guide and you cannot lose.

I have also begun uploading videos to YouTube. Depending on when you read this there could be 1 video on YouTube or several. But here is the video describing this diet plan in even more detail. This is my first attempt at a YouTube video ever. I think it turned out as great. And I'm excited to improve every single video I upload.

Until Next time, Live with GRIT


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