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Gym/Time Hack. Listen to 1 song on repeat.

Updated: Jun 22

Here is a short and sweet hack I use to immediately decrease workout time and increase motivation. It sounds almost to simple, but it really works!

I don't know about you but I tend to go through music "Seasons". One week/month I'll be stuck on rap/hiphop and Death Metal the next etc...But If I really pay close attention there is "that one song" I am really into at the moment. You know that one song that really gets you amped, gives you goosebumps, and makes you feel like doing shit.

So what do I do? I put that Mfer on repeat and ride it til the wheels fall off! Note: It works with 1-3 songs but I find 1 works slightly better. I actually heard about this tip a long time ago from a blog that doesn't exist anymore. It was called Bold and Determined and when I first read about it I had mixed feelings. I thought Ide listen to the song and get tired of it after a few plays. As it turns out, when your not finger fucking your phone trying to find the next good song to start your next set, you save a lot of time!

"But that's what playlists are for". It sounds crazy, but I have found that when I have more than 1 song Ill "wait" on sets for a song to end or another to begin. Or I'll grab my phone and skip a song or two. Or a song will come on that just kind of kills my motivation or vibe slightly. This hack isn't meant to change the world, its just a neat little trick you can use quickly and easily that produces measurable results with no extra effort. This tip doesn't work for all day sessions doing business related things or working outside. But for a workout that is under an hour it can shave 10-15 minutes and help you stay motivated longer.

Until next time, live with GRIT


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