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Girls are like cats. Internalize this and play on easy mode.

Updated: Jun 22

Have you ever tried to go up to a cat and just pet it? Sure, some cats will let you, most wont. better yet. Try and hold the cat on your lap and pet it endlessly. Tell it what a great cat it is. Talk in a sweet voice and tell it it's the best cat in the world. Give it endless kitty treats and catnip. Lavish it with endless kitty toys and feathers on a stick, ohhh or even a laser pointer. When it tries to get up and walk away see if you can hold it still and continue to pet it. Most likely this cat is gonna scratch the hell out of you. Then, when the cat finally gets away. Instead of letting it go, chase it down and continue to try and pet it. Try to lure it with more treats and toys. Keep telling it that it's the best cat in the world and that you never want any other cat ever. Corner it behind the couch and continue to try and pet it while its hissing and growling at you. You have officially ruined any chance of this cat ever wanting anything to do with you ever again. Let's change the scenario. When you see the cat be nonchalant. Say "Hey cat, what's up" and then go about your business. Don't be a dick to the cat, just do what you need to do. You're a busy man after all. Try and workout, or do business on your computer or whatever it is you are gonna do. 9 times out of 10 the cat is gonna peak around the corner at what you are doing. It's interested in the life you are building. Its fun to have an owner who does cool stuff. The cat will then come and rub your leg, purr, or even meow to get your attention. Smile at the cat. When you get done with your set or your email pet the cat until it starts to purr. Then move on to what your next task is. The cat will probably follow you. If not, no biggie, your goals stay the same whether the cat follows or not. When you sit down to relax the cat will mostly likely jump up on your lap and want more attention. Pet it lovingly, tell it its a great cat, hell even talk in a sweet voice and jingle a toy or two with the cat. Eventually the cat will get bored, or tired, or hungry, or any number of cat things and hop down. Smile at the cat and give it a nod. Then go back to what you would be doing had the cat never even been there. Cat or no cat your life is full and busy. This doesn't mean you don't love the cat, it just means you have a happy life. You enjoy the cat being around and you know that letting it go do cat things, while not trying to grab it and endlessly hold it on your lap, will lead to it most likely coming back for more love and attention.

Sometimes you can love a cat, feed it, give it all the toys in the world (yes even a laser with all the bells and whistles), and take care of it to the best of your ability. And the cat will still run away to live outside, at a neighbor's house or any number of cat things. Sure you'll be sad. You'll think fondly of all the good times with your cat. It may take a few days or even weeks to get over the loss of your cat. But you still get up, work out, go to your job or run your business. You still see friends and carry on your life. Most likely though, if you treated the cat the way it was outlined in the second scenario. Rarely will the cat leave. Why would it? But let's say for arguments sake you stopped being being able to feed the cat, or you stopped doing interesting things. The cat may not want to come around as much. So you start trying to act like the first scenario. Clinging to the cat, being overly affectionate, and forcing the cat to sit on your lap.

Well...don't be surprised at the end result.

As always, Live with GRIT


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